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What to Do to Keep Hope Alive in the New Reality

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The situation with virus, with social and political problems are making pressure on the people. How not to kill the hope? This is the question everyone should know the answer on. This is a kind of a vital life hack. Something that is very important. Well, let’s start.

At first, we have to detect the reasons for our bad emotions. Then we should think why these are bad for us. Maybe you feel unwell because something frighten you. The last step is protecting ourselves from these unpleasant emotions and thoughts.

The reason 1 – Uncertainty

It’s important for us to be protected, we want to be in a secure financial position and to be sure in the next days. When there is no sense of security, of course, we feel anxious and we are worried about future.

The reason 2 – Fear

We are terrified of losing our job or getting sick. We are afraid that one of our relatives will get sick. So many fears keep us from positive thoughts.

The reason 3 – Casualties

Some have lost their loved ones to the pandemic. Some have lost opportunities and missed important moments in their lives. This strikes the soul and leaves us in pain.

The reason 4 – Lonesomeness

Now we are spending more time alone, in the isolation. Some people are pretty sensitive to the lack of live communication especially. Though, the shutter can provoke depressive states.

The reason 5 – Soul-searching

In difficulties and confined spaces, masks come off.  Some relationships are getting stronger, and some, alas, end. For whom a breakup or quarrels with loved ones can be fatal.

5 Tips on How to Feel Better

So, if we spend too much time in negative emotions, they drain our energy and give us no chance to make a differences. To change the situation at least by changing the attitude towards it. And how to resist losing hope? There are 5 tips for that.

1. Find the good

Yes, there is a lot of negativity. The more valuable during this period is to notice even the slightest bit of good things that happen to us everyday.

It can be something completely insignificant: a walk with the dog at dawn, a delicious cup of tea or coffee, a small help that somebody gave us, a smile that we caused on someone face with our good words, children hugs… It can be anything. Pay more attention to these kind of things.

2. Live consciously

In order to notice the good, we must learn to concentrate on what is happening to us here and now. Let’s concentrate in the moment without thinking about the past or the future, be aware of feelings and live the situation fully.

3. Train the mobility of the psyche

If not influence circumstances that are constantly changing, we must adapt to them. So, now we all have the opportunity to train the skill of flexibility. This we need at all times.

4. Define boundarie

If we work from home and spend all time at home, like the rest of the family, our boundaries are unclear. The boundaries between work time and leisure time, family and personal time. In such circumstances, it is important to define your schedule and to proclaim your boarders.

The borders start with the word “no” (no, sorry, I’m busy now, I can fulfill your request later). And we should not be uncomfortable for refusal and for doing what we think is necessary for us.

5. Try the radical acceptance

Life is what it is. Everything that is happening now had to happen. Pandemic, political problems, racial conflicts. Even that. Everything is as it is needed for all of us.

Introducing radical acceptance into our mind can help us separate our personality from the surrounding reality, stop feeling so many bad emotions in relation to this reality, stop to suffer about all that. This can allow you to open your present life to positive feelings.

Nowadays there are many reasons for sadness and worries, for despair and depression. Modern life gives us many challenges. But also this life gives us a lot of opportunities for great changes in relationships, in material goals, in the way of thinking.

All depends on us how we will use this: for bad or for the best.