Top Useful Apps for Iphone – Popular Apps on IOS 2021

There are thousands of programs in the AppStore with different purposes: some apps process photos, another keeps a to-do list, and others help to communicate. How can you choose iPhone apps to make your phone as useful and functional as possible? An easy way is to study the top free programs and choose the best one.


This application is a personal event log – a diary. With its help, you can make text entries, add photos (up to 10 for one note), that is, describe everything important and interesting from your life. This application is free.

Top Useful Apps for IPHONE - Popular Apps on IOS

Apple diary features:

  • Selection of magazines with backgrounds and titles.
  • Setting up event reminders.
  • Transfer, deletion and other actions with records.
  • Adding date, suitable music, photos to the note.
  • The program works on Mac, iPhone, iPad and smart watches.


The application allows you to enhance your photos and videos by adding certain effects to them. The main usefulness of this program:

  • Setting up shooting in real time, if you go to the Camera section.
  • Correction of contrast, sharpness, removal of grain in images and video editing.
  • Storage of processed materials in a separate Library.
  • Adding filters to photo frames (you can buy new ones or use free ones).

For inspiration, visit the Discover tab for the best footage of the week. An additional plus is cloud synchronization with other Apple gadgets.


Software for super high-speed messaging and making calls in a super secure application – this is the main feature of Telegram. You can install the program on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. What else can you do here on Telegram:

  • Send any type of photo and video, no size limit.
  • Create chats for up to 200,000 people.
  • Configure bots to solve some tasks.
  • Edit videos and pictures, use stickers.
  • Follow bloggers and channels on various topics.

To store history, you do not need to allocate space in the gadget’s memory – a telegram cloud is provided for this. The interface is simple and straightforward. There are no difficulties with using the utility.


A spacious mobile warehouse for storing content: news, instructions, articles, recipes, videos and everything that can be found on the web.
Viewing the accumulated information is available on XS Space Gray or another gadget at any time. In this case, you can:

  • Study the best content on the web (on any topic from any publication), which is monitored and verified in the software.
  • Make the display comfortable for the eyes using the settings in the application.
  • Choose background themes.
  • Enable listening to news, articles, and more.

The saved information is available for study even without connecting the device to the Internet. There are premium features, for example, advanced search, but this is already for a fee.

Also, do not forget to install Google Maps application to help you not get lost anywhere in the world.

If you follow the news closely, you will love the handy Feedly app. All the latest news in one place. This program monitors all kinds of sources (for example, YouTube, Twitter, blogs) and provides access to information.

For those who often download files to their smartphone, the iDownloader program will be useful. It makes it easy to download, upload and share media content on iPhones (like 11 Pro Max) and iPads. Supports up to 50 simultaneous downloads.