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Interiors of the Most Expensive Yachts in the World

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Interiors of the Most Expensive Yachts

People love to dream. People love beautiful and expensive things. It is not surprising. Everyone deserves the best. The universe is generous, so you can get what you dream of. Why not? We offer you our top interiors of the world’s most expensive yachts. Let’s take a look at luxury yachts together, maybe one day you too will become an owner of such a beauty. 

Today yachts are both a means of transportation and a place for meetings, parties. A yacht is also a way to demonstrate your financial capabilities. A special luxury item is interior yacht design, which we talk about here. Well, are you ready to see how a modern fairy tale looks like? And remember, these are not yachts for sale.

History Supreme The Most Expensive Yacht Ever

This yacht is incredibly beautiful. It’s hard to believe, but this vessel is made of 100 tons of gold and platinum covering half of its surface. The yacht belongs to a Malaysian businessman who commissioned the interior design of the yacht from the jeweler Stuart Hughes.

The yacht is truly luxurious. Its exterior details such as the handrail, deck, and anchor are made of precious metals. Inside are four double VIP staterooms, the walls of which are finished with meteorite stones in a platinum setting. The furniture is made only of the rarest woods and the legs of the tables and chairs are covered with real gold. The cost of the yacht is about $4.8 billion.


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