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Top Tips for Online Car Buying

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Top Tips for Online Car Buying

What to Do Next in order to Buy a Car Online

Two variants are possible there. At first, if you’re ready to buy a car immediately. Once you have selected the desired car, you press the “Book online” button. This guarantees a car reservation for a few days, during which the selected dealer will contact you to agree on all terms of a commercial offer (trade-in, credit, accessories, additional equipment, etc.). Companies usually require a fixed prepayment.  

The reservation gives the customer a guarantee that the car will not be sold during this period. After the payment procedure you get detailed information by all possible channels: by SMS, e-mail or messenger. At the same time it does not oblige you to make a purchase – at any time you can even refuse the reservation, and then the prepayment will be returned to you.

The second option: you are not sure about the purchase or have not received approval on the loan and want to ask questions clarifying the dealer and get detailed advice about the car. This possibility also exists – you choose a car or several cars in the configuration that you are interested in advance, and send a request to the dealer. The dealer automatically receives your request and quickly gets in touch with you to provide advice and answer questions. Then you decide whether to make an online reservation or discuss all the details of the deal with the dealer on the phone or in the showroom of the dealership center.

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