The Cheapest Accommodation Booking Options

Looking for accommodation is a core of trip planning, and, doubtless, is no easy thing. Have you been looking for an easier way to plan your trip? If your answer is yes, you will find this article useful. Below we prepared for you the accommodation booking options and tips that will save your time and money.

The Cheapest Accommodation Booking Options

How to Book a Hotel Properly

  • Sign in a hotel or booking website.

Hotels and booking websites provide bonuses and exclusive discounts for their members. For instance, members of can earn points and get the 10th stay in the hotel free.

  • Book accommodation with free cancellation

Sometimes you have to put off your trip. Then, free cancellation can be very useful. While making a reservation, be sure to check the cancellation policy and duration. For example, some booking sites provide free cancellation 48 hours before the booking date.

  • Loyalty programs

Many hotels hold loyalty programs, enabling the visitor to gain points in exchange for some benefits such as free hotel stay or upgrades to the room.

You will be glad to know that some booking sites have their loyalty programs as well. The only difference is that you can stay in various hotels, and still keep gaining points.  

  • Membership discounts

Your membership may also help you to save some money. All you need is to use your membership code when booking online. Then, you get access to discounts on accommodation, car rentals, transport, and attractions.

  • Coupon codes

If you are looking for a reduction for the particular chain of hotels, you can think about coupons for great discounts. Check out RetailMeNot and to find out more.

  • Narrow search

Sometimes you need to narrow the search and focus on the region-specific websites. There you can find more options to stay and get some discounts.

  • Mystery deal    

With this option, you have an opportunity to receive a sizable discount. The tricky part is that you will not be aware of the hotel name until you pay for it. However, you can peep into BetterBidding or Bid Googles to find it out in advance.

  • Price bidding

In other words, bidding is an online auction where a traveller is the one who offers the price.

  • Last-minute deal

This kind of deal is useful if you are planning your trip spontaneously. Such booking sites as HotelTonight and Expedia as well can help you find accommodation with a reduced rate.

  • Sharing

Some people offer to rent their apartments when they are on vacation. This option is far cheaper than a hotel stay. With CouchSurfing, housesitting, and house swapping, you can stay free. There is also a variant for travellers who are looking for a luxurious apartment.  For instance, time-sharing for rent by owners or Airbnb service offer a reduced rate for stay.

  • Long-term stay

Long-term stay is advantageous for both you and the owner. Therefore, a week-stay appears to be cheaper than a 6-day.

  • Road-tripping and camping

If you are planning your trip to an expensive country, it can be a very budget option for you.

  • Volunteering and working for accommodation

One more low-cost option to swap your skills for accommodation.

We hope you will find this article helpful. Plan your trips, use the above tips, monitor notifications, and save your money.