Mast Have Android Apps 2021

A large number of new programs appear on the application market every day. Apps for Android devices provide more functionality than other platforms. We offer you our overview of the most useful Android applications that you must have on your phone.

The basic equipment of the smartphone includes only pre-installed applications that the manufacturer has chosen for their own reasons and advertising obligations. But you can equip your smartphone with the necessary programs and tools yourself, and all of them will be free. You can download such applications from Google Play Store.

Mast Have Android Apps 2020

Best Android Browser

There are a few free and well-known browsers for Android such as Brave Privacy Browser, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. All these are free. But if you appreciate privacy, Tor Browser is a good choice for you. This browser is also free.

The developers of Tor Browser say that their project operates under the principle – an internet user should have private access to an uncensored web. It’s important to read the overview of how this browser works before you start using it.

Must Have Weather App

1Weather is one of the best forecast apps. It is free, but there is a paid version $1.99. What is the difference between them? It is simple. The $1.99 charge allows to remove advertising.

This app comes with all things you need to know about today’s weather including forecasts, radar, current conditions and predictions. It also provides fun facts about meteorology, different graphs, and even more – a sun and moon tracker. You will definitely appreciate the design of this app.

Best Communication App

There are a lot of communication apps for Android. The most well-known and popular are Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Signal Private Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger. All these apps are free of charge.

Among other apps, WhatsApp is the most successful. It is boasting an enormous and truly dedicated user base. You can add to that an integrated web version. This lets us take our chats to the desktop. In addition, this app might be the most secure messaging service.

Best Music Player App

We know that today a lot of people have transferred from traditional music players to some sort of streaming service like Spotify or Pandora. They also use Google Play Music. But if you are one of those of us left – who likes listen to own music collections, you need to have a good music player in your smartphone.

So there are a few really good music player apps on Android. All are free of charge. Among them are AIMP, MediaMonkey (also has a paid version $2.49), Musicolet and Phonograph. All these apps have a lot of desirable features plus many things that you do not associate with music player apps.